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Remixing stylesheets
Before we wind this chapter down, let's have a little fun
remixing some stylesheets. So far, you've been using only
one stylesheet. Well, who ever said you can't use more than
one stylesheet? You can specify a whole set of stylesheets to
be used with any HTML. But you may be wondering why
anyone would want to. There are a couple of good reasons.
Here's the first one…
Imagine that the Head First Lounge takes off, gets
franchised, does the IPO, and so on (all thanks to you and
your terrific web work, of course). Then there would be
a whole corporate website with hundreds of pages, and
obviously you'd want to style those pages with external
CSS stylesheets. There would be various company
divisions, and they might want to tweak the styles in
individual ways. And the lounge franchises also might want
some control over style. Here's how that might look:
We use all
the corporate colors
and fonts, but we add in a few
special touches of our own, like a
different line height.
We've set up all the main
styles to be used by the
company websites—fonts,
colors, and so on.
We've got a young, hip
clientele. We tweak the
colors a bit and add a little
edge, but overall we use the
division's main styles.
Seattle Lounge
(part of the Beverage
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