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A two-minute guide to borders
There's only one thing left to do to perfect the guarantee paragraph:
add a better border. Before you do, take a look at all the different ways
you can control the border of an element.
Border Style
The border-style property controls the visual style of the border. There are eight
border styles available, from a solid line to dotted lines to ridges and grooves.
border-style: groove;
To sp ecify a border style, just use the
bord er-style property and a value of one
of t he available styles.
Once you go
dotted, you'll
never go back.
Go with solid ,
the original.
An d the dashe d
st yle is just a
se t of dashes
ar ound the
bo rder.
Ignore dotted;
use dashed .
Th e double style
use s two lines.
Go with
double; I'm
twice the fun.
I'm the only
“in” style:
inset .
A groove style
looks like a groove
in the page
(difficult to see
in a book).
I'm the border
that's got the
The ridge styl e
looks like a rai sed
ridge on the p age.
The outset style looks
like an outset tha t
rise s from the pa ge.
Go with me; I've
been better since
the outset .
I'm more fun;
I've got ridge s.
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