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Wait a sec, it seems
like we have two ways
to put images on a page. Is
background-image a replacement
for the <img> element?
No, the background-image property has
a very specific purpose, which is to set the
background image of an element. It isn't
for placing images in a page for that, you
definitely want to use the <img> element.
Think about it this way: a background image
is pure presentation, and the only reason you
would use a background-image property is
to improve the attractiveness of your element.
An <img> element, on the other hand, is used
to include an image that has a more substantial
role in the page, like a photo or a logo.
Now, we could have just placed the image
inside the paragraph, and we could probably
get the same look and feel, but the guarantee
star is pure decoration it has no real meaning
on the page, and it's only meant to make the
element look better. So, background-image
makes more sense.
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