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A test drive with the margin
When you reload the lounge page, you'll see the paragraph is really beginning to
stand out on the page. With the margins in place, the paragraph looks inset from
the rest of the text, and that, combined with the background color, makes it look
more like a “callout” than an ordinary paragraph. As you can see, with only a few
lines of CSS, you're doing some powerful things.
If you look at the guarantee paragraph as it's supposed to look in its final form,
it has an italic, serif font, a line height greater than the rest of the page, and (if
you're looking really close) gray text. Write the CSS below to set the line height
to 1.9em, the font style to italic, the color to #444444, and the font family to
Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif. Check your CSS with the answers
in the back of the chapter, then type it in and test.
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