HTML and CSS Reference
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What you can do to boxes
The box model may look simple with just the content, some padding, a
border, and margins. But when you combine these all together, there
are endless ways you can determine the layout of an element with its
internal spacing (padding) and the spacing around it (margins). Take a
look at just a few examples of how you can vary your elements.
You can style a bo x to
have pa dding, a bo rder,
and a m argin.
You c an have so lid
bord ers, thick or thin.
Or no bo rder at all
Or just
pa dding and
a border
Or choose from
eight different
styles of borders,
like dashed
Or just a
Or col or your
borde rs
Or even cre ate
rou nded cor ners
on y our bor ders
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