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Removing the underline…
Let's get rid of that confusing underline and instead add
a nice bottom border like we did in the lounge. To do
that, open your “journal.css” file and make these changes
to the combined h1, h2 rule:
Add a bord er on the bot tom of the < h1> and
<h2> elemen ts. You can a lmost read th is like
English: “ad d a thin, dot ted line with the
color #888 888 on the b ottom borde r”…
h1, h2 {
color: #cc6600;
border-bottom: thin dotted #888888;
text-decoration: underline;
And here's how our new “underline” looks—
definitely more stylish and less confusing
than a text decoration underline.
Now we've got borders under the <h1>
and <h2> element, not underlines.
N o t i ce t h at b o r d e rs e xt e n d al l t h e wa y
to t h e e n d o f t h e p a g e , r at h e r t h a n
j u st u n d e r t h e t e xt . Wh y ? Y o u ' l l f i n d
o u t i n t h e n e xt c h a p t e r .
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