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Test drive Tony's orange headings
Once you've made the changes to your “journal.
css” file to add the color property to the h1, h2 rule,
reload the web page and check out the results.
Now both <h1 > and <h2> hea dings
are orange. T his ties in nicely with
Tony's orange theme and shirt .
The h eadings are also set off further wit h underlines.
Hmmm …we though t this would be a good w ay to
distin guish the he adings, but a ctually they seem to look
a litt le too much like clickable links, since people tend to
think anything un derlined in a web page is clickable.
So, un derlines may have been a bad choice.
Let's quickly look at some ot her text
decor ations, then we'll recon sider these
under lines in the web page.
What do all these colors have in common? Try each one in a web page, say as a font
color, or use your photo editing application's color picker to determine what colors
they are by entering the hex code into the dialog box directly.
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