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You've now got a few different ways to specify colors. Take our orange
color that is made up of 80% red, 40% green, and 0% blue. In CSS,
we could specify this color in any of these ways:
body {
Spe cify by the percentage
of red, green, and blue.
background-color: rgb(80%, 40%, 0%);
S pecif y the amo unt o f red , gre en,
body {
background-color: rgb(204, 102, 0);
a nd bl ue on the scale 0-2 55.
body {
background-color: #cc6600;
How to find web colors
The two most common ways to find web colors are to use a color chart or an
application like Photoshop Elements. You'll also find a number of web pages that
allow you to choose web colors and translate between rgb and hex codes. Let's
check out Photoshop Elements (most photo editing applications offer the same
Color pickers also
allow y ou to selec t
only “w eb-safe”
colors. We'll talk
about this in a se c.
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