HTML and CSS Reference
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Why do I need to know all
this “color theory”? Can't I just
specify my colors by name? Like
“red,” “green,” or “blue”? That's
what we've been doing so far.
You certainly can use color
names all you like, but CSS
defines the names of only
about 150 colors.
While that may seem like a lot, that
palette gets old pretty quickly and really
limits the expressiveness of your pages.
We're going to show you how to specify
colors in a way that will allow you to
name a lot more than 150 colors; in fact,
you'll be able to work from a palette of
sixteen million colors.
Now, you've already seen a few examples
of colors in HTML, and yes, they do
look a little funky, like #fc1257 . So, let's
first figure out how to specify colors and
then you'll see how you can easily use
color charts, online color pickers, or your
photo editing application to pick your
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