HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Cool. Love the new look. Hey,
how about a little color in those
fonts? Say, ummm…the color of
my shirt? I love orange!
You'd think we could just tell you there
was a color property and send you on
your way to use it. But unlike font sizes
or weights or text styles, you've got to
understand a fair bit about color to be able
to work with it and specify it in CSS.
So, over the next few pages, you're going
to dive into color and learn everything
you need to know to use it on your pages:
how colors on the screen work, the various
ways of describing color in CSS, what
those mysterious hex codes are all about,
whether you should be worried about
“web-safe colors,” and what's the easiest
way to find and specify colors.
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