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Test driving the font sizes
Here's the evolving journal, complete with new
smaller fonts. Check out the differences…
Here's the previou s
version before the
chang e in font siz es.
This <h1> head ing looks
much better n ow. It's
bigger than t he <h2>
headings but d oesn't
overwhelm the body text
and the page in size.
The bod y text is
a tad sm aller. The
default body text
font siz e is usually
16px, alt hough it
does dep end on the
browser . But it's
still easi ly readable
at the “ small” size,
which is probably
about 12 px.
T he <h2> he ading
i s a bit smalle r too,
a nd is a good size
compared to the
< h1> heading.
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