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I get how we need to make sure we
specify fonts that will be appropriate all
across all my users' machines, but I was
really hoping we could use this cool Emblema
One font I found for my main heading. Can I
just use that, and if the users don't have it
they can use a fallback?
Yes, but there's a better way…
Your suggestion would work, but most likely for only
a very small percentage of your users. If you just
have to have that oh-so-cool font, or typography is
important to your site design, you can actually deliver
a font right to your user's browser using Web Fonts.
To do this, you're going to use a newer feature of
CSS: the @font-face rule. This rule allows you to
define the name and location of a font that can then
be used in your page.
Let's see how this works…
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