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Dusting off Tony's journal
Now that you know how to specify fonts, let's take
another look at Tony's Segway'n USA page and
give it a different look. We'll be making some small,
incremental changes to the text styles in Tony's
page, and while no single change is going to look
dramatically different, by the end of the chapter
we think you'll agree the site has a slick new look.
Let's get an idea of where we might make some
improvements and then let's give Tony a new
font-family .
Rem ember that w e have n't ap plied
any styles to Ton y's site , so hi s site
is u sing a serif f ont-fa mily fo r
the entire page.
The default s ize of the heading fo nts
is a lso pretty large and doesn't ma ke
for an attrac tive page.
The quote is just indented. It
would be nic e to improve its look
a bit by add ing some font-style.
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