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What is a font family anyway?
You've already come across the font-family property, and so far you've
always specified a value of “sans-serif ”. You can get a lot more creative than
that with the font-family property, but it helps to know what a font family
is first. Here's a quick rundown…
Each font-family contains a set of fonts
that share common characteristics. There
are five font families: sans-serif, serif,
monospace, cursive, and fantasy. Each
family includes a large set of fonts, so on
this page you'll see only a few examples
of each.
Sans-serif family
Trebu chet MS
The seri f family includes fonts wi th
serifs. A lot of people as sociate t he look
of thes e fonts w ith news paper pr int.
Serifs are the
decorative barbs
and hooks on the
ends of the letters.
The sans-ser if family includes fonts
S erif fam ily
with out serif s. These fonts ar e
usua lly consid ered mor e readab le on
com puter scr eens tha n serif f onts.
T im e s
Sans-serif means
“without serifs.”
T imes New Roman
Fonts aren't consistently available from one computer
to another. In fact, the set of available fonts will vary
depending on the operating system as well as what
fonts and applications a user has installed. So keep in
mind that the fonts on your machine may differ from
what is available to your users. And, as we said, we'll
show you how to extend the set of fonts in a bit…
Ge or gi a
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