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Making sure the lounge CSS validates
Before you wrap up this chapter, wouldn't you feel a lot better if all that Head First
Lounge CSS validated? Sure, you would. Use whichever method you want to get
your CSS to the W3C. If you have your CSS on a server, type your URL into the
form; otherwise, either upload your CSS file or just copy and paste the CSS into
the form. (If you upload, make sure you're directing the form to your CSS file, not
your HTML file.) Once you've done that, click on Check.
If your CSS didn 't validate, che ck
it with th e CSS a few pa ges back
and find any small mistakes you've
made, then resubmit.
H e re a re s o m e i c o n s yo u c a n p u t
o n yo u r we b p a g e i f yo u wa n t to
s h o w o ff t h at yo u r C S S va l i d at e s .
( Yo u c a n g e t s i m i la r i c o n s fo r
v al i d a t e d H TM L , t o o . )
Just lik e when you val idate HTML
correctly, you get the “green badge
of succe ss” when you pa ss validation
f or your CSS. G reen is good!
Q: Do I need to worry if I get
warnings? Or do what they say?
A: It's good to look them over, but you'll
find some are more in the category of
suggestions than “must do's.” The validator
can err on the side of being a little anal, so
just keep that in mind.
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