HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The exercise got me
thinking…is there a way
to validate CSS like there is
with HTML?
Of course!
Those W3C boys and girls aren't just sitting
around on their butts, they've been working hard.
You can find their CSS validator at:
Type that URL in your browser, and we think
you'll feel quite at home when you get there.
You're going to find a validator that works almost
exactly like the HTML
validator. To use the CSS
version, just point the
validator to your CSS
URL, upload a file with
your CSS in it (first tab),
or just paste it into the
form (second tab), and
You shouldn't encounter
any big surprises, like
needing doctypes or
character encodings with
CSS. Go ahead, give it a
try (like we're not going
to make you do it on the
next page, anyway).
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