HTML and CSS Reference
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You have to admit HTML is kinda clunky, but
that's what you get when you're related to an early
'90s technology.
I call it standing the test of time. And you think
CSS is elegant? I mean, you're just a bunch of rules.
How's that a language?
Are you kidding? I'm very expressive. I can select
just the elements I want, and then describe exactly
how I want them styled. And you've only just
begun to see all the cool styling I can do.
Oh yeah?
Yup; just wait and see. I can style fonts and text in
all kinds of interesting ways. I can even control
how each element manages the space around it on
the page.
Hmmm…sounds as if you have a little too much
power; I'm not sure I like the sound of that. After
all, my elements want to have some control over
their own lives.
Bwahahaha . And you thought you had me
controlled between your <style> tags. You're
going to see I can make your elements sit, bark,
and roll over if I want to.
Whoa now! Security…security?!
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