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Tonight's talk: CSS & HTML compare languages
Did you see that? I'm like Houdini! I broke right
out of your <style> element and into my own file.
And you said in Chapter 1 that I'd never escape.
Don't get all excited; I still have to link you in for
you to be at all useful.
Have to link me in? Come on; you know your pages
wouldn't cut it without my styling.
Here we go again…while me and all my elements
are trying to keep things structured, you're talking
about hair highlights and nail color.
If you were paying attention in this chapter, you
would have seen I'm downright powerful in what I
can do.
Okay, okay, I admit it; using CSS sure makes my
job easier. All those old deprecated styling elements
were a pain in my side. I do like the fact that my
elements can be styled without inserting a bunch
of stuff in the HTML, other than maybe an
occasional class attribute.
Well now, that's a little better. I like the new attitude.
But I still haven't forgotten how you mocked my
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