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A greentea test drive
Save and then reload to give your new class a test drive.
Her e's the n ew green tea
clas s applied to the
par agraph. N ow the font
is g reen and matches the
Gre en Tea C ooler. M aybe
this styling wasn't su ch a
bad idea af ter all.
Your turn: add two classes, “raspberry” and “blueberry”, to the correct
paragraphs in “elixir.html”, and then write the styles to color the text blue and
purple, respectively. The property value for raspberry is “blue” and for blueberry
is “purple”. Put these at the bottom of your CSS file, under the greentea rule:
raspberry first, and then blueberry.
Yeah, we know you're pr obably t hinking, h ow
can a raspberr y be blue ? Well, if Raspbe rry
Kool- Aid is bl ue, that's good en ough for us.
And s eriously, when you blend up a bunch of
bluebe rries, th ey really are mor e purple than
blue. Work wit h us here .
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