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The Case of Brute Force Versus Style
So, how did RadWebDesign become web page superheroes?
Or maybe we should first ask how the “do no wrong”
CorrectWebDesign firm flubbed things up this time? The
root of the problem was that CorrectWebDesign was creating
the RobotsRUs pages using circa-1998 techniques. They
were putting their style rules right in with their
HTML (copying and pasting them each time),
and, even worse, they were using a lot of old
HTML elements like <font> and <center>
that have now been deprecated (eliminated
from HTML). So, when the call came to change
the look and feel, that meant going into every web
page and making changes to the CSS. Worse, it meant
going through the HTML to change elements as well.
Compare that with what RadWebDesign did: they used
HTML5, so they had no old presentation HTML in their
pages, and they used an external stylesheet. The result? To
change the style of the entire site, all they had to do was
go into their external stylesheet and make a few changes to
the CSS, which they easily did in minutes, not days. They
even had time to try out multiple designs and have three
different versions of the CSS ready for review before the site
launch. Amazed, the RobotsRUs CEO not only promised
RadWebDesign more business, but he also promised them
the first robot that comes off the assembly line.
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