HTML and CSS Reference
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Cruising with style: the test drive
Go ahead and make all the changes from the last couple of pages
to your “lounge.html” file in the “chapter7/lounge” folder, save,
and reload the page in your browser. You'll see that the paragraph
text color has changed to maroon:
Ev erythin g else is as it
sho uld be: the he adings
ar e still b lack, be cause
all we sele cted to style
we re the <p> ele ments.
H ere's o ur
n ew ma roon
p aragra ph
t ext.
Notice that the co lor
of the links didn't
change . Keep that in
the ba ck of your m ind…
Instead of setting the color, what if you set background-color of
the <p> elements to maroon instead? How would it change the
way the browser displays the page?
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