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Getting CSS into your HTML
You know a little about CSS syntax now. You know how to select an element and then
write a rule with properties and values inside it. But you still need to get this CSS into
some HTML. First, we need some HTML to put it in. In the next few chapters, we're
going to revisit our old friends—Starbuzz, and Tony and his Segway journal—and
make things a little more stylish. But who do you think is dying to have their site styled
first? Of course, the Head First Lounge guys. So, here's the HTML for the Head First
Lounge main page. Remember, in the last chapter we fixed things up a little and made
it proper HTML (would you have expected any less of us?). Now, we're adding some
style tags, the easiest way to get style into your pages.
<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title> Head First Lounge </title>
Here's wha t we're int erested in: the <style > element.
<h1> Welcome to the Head First Lounge </h1>
<img src="images/drinks.gif" alt="Drinks">
Join us any evening for refreshing
<a href="beverages/elixir.html"> elixirs </a> ,
conversation and maybe a game or two of
<em> Dance Dance Revolution </em> .
Wireless access is always provided;
BYOWS (Bring your own web server).
You'll find us right in the center of downtown
Webville. If you need help finding us, check out our
<a href="about/directions.html"> detailed directions </a> .
Come join us!
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