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Overheard on Webville's “Trading Spaces”
Not up on the latest reality TV? No problem, here's a recap: take two
neighbors, two homes, and $1,000. The two neighbors switch homes, and
using the $1,000, totally redesign a room or two in 48 hours. Let's listen in…
…and this bathroom needs some
serious help!
bathroom {
tile: 1in white;
drapes: pink;
Okay, let's get some design in this place…
bedroom {
drapes: blue;
carpet: wool shag;
Of course, in the Webville edition of the show, everyone talks about
design in CSS. If you're having trouble understanding them, here's a little
translation tip: each statement in CSS consists of a location (like bedroom),
a property in that location (like drapes or carpet), and a style to apply to
that property (like the color blue, or 1 inch tiles).
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