HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Rememb er the W izard of Oz? Wel l, this
is the p art of t he book w here thi ngs
go from black an d white to color.
You're not in Kansas anymore
You've been a good sport learning about markup
and structure and validation and proper syntax and
nesting and compliance, but now you get to really
start having some fun by styling your pages. But no
worries, all those HTML push-ups you've been doing
aren't going to waste. In fact, you're going to see that
a solid understanding of HTML is crucial to learning
(and using) CSS. And learning CSS is just what we're
going to do over the next several chapters.
Just to tease you a bit, on these two pages we've
sprinkled a few of the designs you're going to work
with in the rest of the topic. Quite a difference from
the pages you've been creating so far, isn't it? So,
what do you need to do to create them? Learn the
language of CSS, of course.
Let's get started…
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