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Below, you'll find an
HTML file. Your job
is to play like you're
the validator and
locate ALL the errors.
Here's the solution.
Missing doctype
<meta charset="utf-9">
<img src="chamberofcommerce.gif">
<h1> Tips for Enjoying Your Visit in Webville
Here are a few tips to help you better enjoy your stay in Webville.
<li> Always dress in layers and keep an html around your
head and body. </li>
<li> Get plenty of rest while you're here, sleep helps all
those rules sink in. </li>
<li> Don't miss the work of our local artists right downtown
in the CSS gallery.
Having problems? You can always find answers at
<a href=""><em> WickedlySmart </em></a> .
Still got problems? Relax, Webville's a friendly place, just ask someone
for help. And, as a local used to say:
Don't worry. As long as you hit that wire with the connecting hook
at precisely 88mph the instant the lightning strikes the tower…
everything will be fine.
<em> and <p> tags are switched.
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