HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Getting our HTML
up to snuff wasn't too hard, but it
sure took a while to figure it all out.
And now we've got to style these
pages with CSS. That's a whole
different language, isn't it?
HTML5 is the current HTML standard.
Most web pages use the utf-8 encoding for HTML
files, and for the <meta> tag charset attribute.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is
the standards organization that defines what
standard HTML is.
The alt attribute is required for the <img>
The document type definition (doctype) is used
to tell the browser the version of HTML you're
The W3C validator is a free online service that
checks pages for compliance with standards.
Use the validator to ensure that your HTML is
well formed and that your elements and attributes
meet the standard.
The HTML standard is now a “living standard,”
which means that the standard will change to
incorporate new features and updates.
By adhering to the standard, your pages will
display more quickly and with fewer display
differences between browsers, and your CSS will
work better.
The <meta> tag in the <head> element tells the
browser additional information about a web page,
such as the content type and character encoding.
The charset attribute of the <meta> tag tells the
browser the character encoding that is used for
the web page.
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