HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Throughout this topic you've been using elements and attributes that are all part
of the current HTML standard. So, you haven't had much opportunity to see the
phased-out elements and attributes. Most of those elements actually got phased
out in HTML 4.01, but they may still be hanging around in old web pages, so it
doesn't hurt to know a little about these legacy elements. We did some digging
and found an HTML 3.2 page that contains some elements and attributes that are
no longer part of the standard, as well as a couple of common mistakes that are
not recommended in modern HTML.
<title> Webville Forecast </title>
Here a re som e attri butes t hat
contr olled pr esenta tion. bg color s ets
the b ackgrou nd colo r of t he page , and
text sets th e color of the body text.
<body bgcolor="tan" text="black">
The weather report says lots of rain and wind in store for
<font face="arial"> Webville </font> today, so be sure to
stay inside if you can.
Fon t changes were ma de with t he
<fon t> eleme nt and it s face at tribute.
You cou ld get a way wit hout so me
<li>Tuesday: Rain and 60 degrees.
<li>Wednesday: Rain and 62 degrees.
closing tags, lik e </li> and </p >.
You som etimes still can , but it is
not re commend ed!!
Missing quotes around attribute values.
Quotes are always recommended now, and
required for attributes with multiple values.
<p align=right>
Bring your umbrella!
<center><font size="small">This page brought to you buy Lou's
Diner, a Webville institution for over 50 years.
Text si ze was contr olled
with t he <fo nt> el ement,
using t he siz e attr ibute.
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