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Your turn. Add the <meta> tag to “directions.html” and “elixir.html”. Try validating
them; do they validate? If not, fix them so that they do.
Time to play a little game with the validator. Take the code you just successfully
validated as HTML5 (on page 241), and remove the doctype. That's right—remove it,
just to see what happens when you validate. Go ahead and submit this version of the
file to the validator and see what happens. Make notes below about the errors you get.
<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title> Head First Lounge </title>
<h1> Welcome to the New and Improved Head First Lounge </h1>
<img src="drinks.gif" alt="Drinks">
Join us any evening for refreshing
<a href="elixir.html"> elixirs </a> , conversation and
maybe a game or two of <em> Dance Dance Revolution </em> .
Wireless access is always provided; BYOWS (Bring
your own web server).
<h2> Directions </h2>
You'll find us right in the center of downtown
Webville. If you need help finding us, check out our
<a href="directions.html"> detailed directions </a>.
Come join us!
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