HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
We're almost there…
Success! We have a green bar on the page; that must be good. But there are three
warnings. That sounds like we've still got a few things to take care of. Let's take a look:
We passed! But…
…there are a fe w warnings;
we should scrol l down and
take a look…
No worries h ere—this is a
standard wa rning you'll alway s
see as long a s the validator i s
considered t o be experiment al by
the W3C (w hich could be fo r a
long time).
Hmm, t his looks like a problem caused
by lea ving out some inf ormation about
your c haracter encodin g. We'll see what
that's about in a sec…
And this just says that t hey are going
to assum e a character en coding, given
we didn't supply one.
So, we've got a valid file in terms of how we've written the
HTML, but it looks like we need to do something about our
“character encoding.” Let's take a look at what that means…
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