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Houston, we have a problem…
That red on the page can't be good. It doesn't look
like the page validated. We'd better take a look…
We fa iled the
valida tion.
It loo ks like
there is one
error .
T his must be
t he error.
T he W 3C is con stan tly
re visi ng th e va lidat or.
B ecaus e the W3C frequ ently
re vises the v alidat or, yo u may
n ot see exac tly the sam e erro r
me ssage s. No worr ies, ju st kee p foll owing
alo ng be cause all th e stu ff in th e nex t few
pa ges is impo rtant, even if you don't see
the error abov e.
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