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Rather than tell you the doctype definition for HTML5, we thought you might want
to have fun working it out on your own. Take another look at the HTML 4.01 doctype
definition below:
And th is means
this sta ndard is
publicly available .
This part says we're using HTML
version 4.01 and that this
markup is written in ENglish.
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"
This points to a file that
ident ifies this standard.
Remember, the doctype definition belongs at the top of your HTML file and tells the browser
the type of your document—in this case, HTML 4.01. By using a doctype, the browser is able
to be more precise in the way it interprets and renders your pages.
So, using your deductive powers, what do you think the doctype definition for HTML5 looks
like? Write it here (you can refer back to your answer when we cover this on the next page,
and no peeking at the answer!):
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