HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
6 standards and all that jazz
Getting Serious with HTML
What else is there to know about HTML? You're well on your way to
mastering HTML. In fact, isn't it about time we move on to CSS and learn how to
make all this bland markup look fabulous? Before we do, we need to make sure your
HTML is really ready for the big leagues. Don't get us wrong, you've been writing first-
class HTML all along, but there are just a few extra things you need to do to make it
“industry standard” HTML. It's also time you think about making sure you're using the
latest and greatest HTML standard, otherwise known as HTML5. By doing so, you'll
ensure they'll display more uniformly across all browsers (at least the ones you'd care
about), not to mention, they'll play well with the latest i-Devices (pick your favorite).
You'll also have pages that load faster, pages that are guaranteed to play well with
CSS, and pages that are ready to move into the future as the standards grow. Get
ready, this is the chapter where you move from web tinkerer to web professional.
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