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Save the logo
Okay you've made all the adjustments you need to in the “Save for Web”
dialog, so go ahead and click OK to save the image as “mypod.png”.
E leme nts w ill au tomat ically
c hang e the exte nsion of yo ur
f ilena me to “.pn g”. Sa ve th e
i mage as “m ypod .png” in th e
logo” folde r.
Add the logo to the myPod web page
Now all you need to do is add the logo to the myPod web page.
We'll add it to the top so it appears above the website description
and iPod images. That way, it's the first thing your visitors see
when they come to your myPod page.
<title> myPod </title>
<style type="text/css">
body { background-color: #eaf3da;}
<img src="logo/mypod.png" alt="myPod Logo">
<h1> Welcome to myPod </h1>
Rest of “inde x.html” HTML here…
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