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Set the matte color, continued
Go ahead and enter the color, “eaf3da”, into the “Color Picker” dialog box.
You'll see the color change to the background color of the myPod page.
Ty pe th ese le tter s in r ight h ere.
Th is box is d esigne d spe cific ally f or
co lors w ritte n in the w eb fo rmat .
Yo u can type the lette rs in upper -
or lowe rcase ; it d oesn't mat ter.
Check out the logo with a matte
Now take a close look at the logo again in the preview pane. You'll see Photoshop
Elements has added a light green matte around the hard edges, which will give the
myPod logo text a softer, more polished look when the logo is in the web page.
Now, when y ou loo k close up at the
logo, you'll s ee the matte matc hes the
green color in the backg round of the
myPo d web page.
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