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Wait, what is the color of the web page background?
Remember that Ready Bake CSS in the myPod “index.html” file?
That CSS is what sets the background color of the page to light
green. And that's where we can get the color:
Her e's the backgro und
colo r right here.
<style type="text/css">
body { background-color: #eaf3da; }
What? You can't tell that' s light
green? For now, take our w ord for
it; we'll come back to this in a few
chapters and explain all ab out colors.
Set the matte color
When you click on the Matte pull-down menu and choose the “Other…” menu
option, Photoshop Elements will bring up the Color Picker dialog.
T he C olor P icker give s you a lot
o f dif feren t wa ys to choos e the
m atte colo r. We just want to
s et it to t he ba ckgro und c olor
o f th e web page , and we a lread y
know that is eaf 3da…
…which is going to go r ight here.
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