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To be transparent, or not to be transparent?
That is the question…
The myPod logo is going to be placed on a light green
background, so you might think that transparency is going
to be a good thing, right? Well, let's compare how the logo
looks using a few options in the “Save for Web” dialog:
Here's wha t we get if we check
Transpare ncy and save . Better…
but what' s that white “halo”
around th e letters in the logo?
Th e halos happe n because th e
ph oto editing a pplication cr eates
a “ matte” to s often the t ext's
ed ges against t he backgrou nd
co lor. When it did that for this
log o, however, it assumed it was
so ftening the edges against a
wh ite backgrou nd.
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