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Open the myPod logo
Let's check out the myPod logo: open up the file “mypod.psd”
in the “chapter5/mypod/logo” folder in Photoshop Elements:
You'll fin d the “logo” folder in
the “cha pter5/mypo d” folder.
If yo ur photo editing
appli cation won 't open
the f ile, follow along
anyw ay—the sa me
princ iples apply for
othe r formats as well.
A closer look…
Nice logo; it's got some typography combined with two circles,
one gray and one white (obviously inspired by the click-wheel
controls on the classic iPod).
But what is that checkered pattern in the background? That's
the way most photo editing applications show you areas that
are transparent. Keep all that in mind as we choose a graphic
format for the logo…
Wh enev er yo u see thi s
ch ecker ed p atte rn,
th at in dicat es a
tr anspa rent area in
th e ima ge.
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