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Create individual pages for the photos
First, create a new folder called “html” to hold these individual pages, just
below the “mypod” folder:
As you've proba bly
gue ssed, we've alread y
cre ated this f older for
you in th e book exam ples.
Now we're going to create one HTML file for each photo. If the photo is called
“seattle_video_med.jpg”, then let's call the HTML file “seattle_video_med.html”
just to be consistent. In each HTML file, we'll have a heading that describes
the photo, followed by the photo. Here's the HTML for the first Seattle photo.
All the other pages will follow this same format:
Title for t he pag e. Thi s
should desc ribe t he pho to.
<title> myPod: Seattle Ferry </title>
<style type="text/css"> body { background-color: #eaf3da; } </style>
<h1> Seattle Ferry </h1>
<img src="../photos/seattle_video_med.jpg" alt="A video iPod on the ferry">
Here we give the page a descriptive heading.
He re's the <im g> element that points to the large
“se attle_video_ med.jpg” ph oto. Let's a lso give the
im age a descri ptive alt at tribute.
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