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Taking myPod for another test drive
At this point we don't need to tell you to reload the page
in your browser; we're sure you're way ahead of us. Wow,
what a difference a few images make, don't you think?
This page is starting to look downright interesting.
But that doesn't mean you're there yet. While you've got a
great set of images on the page, and even though you've
already resized them, the images are still quite large. Not
only is the page going to load more and more slowly as
you add more images, but also the user has to do a lot
of scrolling to see them all. Wouldn't it be better if users
could see a small “thumbnail” image for each photo, and
then click on the thumbnail to see the larger image?
H ere's what
t he wh ole pa ge
l ooks li ke now ,
w ith al l the
i mages.
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