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Before we get started,
which photo editing application
are we going to use to resize
the image? I have Photoshop
Elements. Will that work?
Good question—there are lots of photo editing
applications on the market (some freely available),
which are all quite similar. We're going to use
Adobe's Photoshop Elements to resize the images,
because it is one of the most popular photo
editing applications, and is available on both
Windows and the Macintosh. If you own another
photo editing application, you should have no
problem following along and translating each
editing task to your own application.
If you don't yet have a photo editing application,
you might first check to see if there was one
included with your operating system. If you have
a Mac, you can use iPhoto to edit your photos. If
you're a Windows user, you might find Microsoft's
Digital Image Suite on your computer already. If
you still don't have an editing application available
to you, follow along and for each step, you can use
the HTML and images included in the example
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