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Creating the ultimate fan site: myPod
iPod owners love their iPods, and they take them
everywhere. Imagine creating a new site called “myPod”
to display pictures of your friends and their iPods from
their favorite locations, all around the world.
What do you need to get started? Just some knowledge
of HTML, some images, and a love for your iPod.
We've already written some of the HTML for this site,
but we haven't added the images yet that's where you
come in. But before you get to the images, let's get things
set up; look for the “chapter5” folder in the sample
source for the topic. There you'll find a folder named
“mypod”. Open the “mypod” folder, and here's what
you'll see inside:
Y ou'll f ind th is in t he
c hapte r5 fol der.
We 've a lread y w ritt en so me
of the HTM L f or t he
my Pod site. You 'll fi nd i t
in the “ind ml” file.
Note : yo u'll f ind a co uple of o ther fol ders
in “m ypod ” to o, b ut ig nore tho se f or n ow.
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