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5 adding images to your pages
Meeting the Media
Smile and say “cheese.” Actually, smile and say “gif,” “jpg,” or
“png” these are going to be your choices when “developing pictures” for the Web. In this
chapter you're going to learn all about adding your first media type to your pages: images.
Got some digital photos you need to get online? No problem. Got a logo you need to get on
your page? Got it covered. But before we get into all that, don't you still need to be formally
introduced to the <img> element? So sorry, we weren't being rude; we just never saw the
“right opening.” To make up for it, here's an entire chapter devoted to <img>. By the end of
the chapter you're going to know all the ins and outs of how to use the <img> element and its
attributes. You're also going to see exactly how this little element causes the browser to do extra
work to retrieve and display your images.
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