HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Open your Starbuzz “index.html” file and add a title to the link to “mission.html” with the text
“Read more about Starbuzz Coffee's important mission.” Notice that we didn't make the mission
link's label as concise as it should be. Shorten the link label to “our Mission.” Check the back of
the chapter for the answer, and test your changes.
Great job on the links.
I'd really like for people to link
directly to the coffee section of
the Buzz site. Is that possible?
Linking into a page
So far, whenever you've linked to another page, the page loads
and your browser displays it from the top.
But the CEO's asking you to link into a particular spot in the page:
the Coffee section.
Sound impossible? Come on, this is Head First we've got the
technology. How? Well, we haven't told you everything about the
<a> element yet. Turns out the <a> element can team up with the
id attribute to take you straight to a specific point in a page.
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