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Fantastic! We're
up and running on the
Web. I'm already hearing
great buzz about our site
in the stores.
By the way, we've got a
new caffeine awareness
program; we figure if we're going to be
pumping people full of caffeine, we want them
to know how to take it to the limit. Can we point
people to the caffeine information over on from our site?
How do we link to other websites?
URLs aren't just for typing into browsers; you can use them right in your
HTML. And, of course, right on cue, the Starbuzz CEO has a new task
for you: make a link from the main Starbuzz page over to the caffeine
information at . As you can probably
guess, we're going to throw that URL right into an <a> element. Here's
<a href="">Caffeine Buzz</a>
A n eve ryda y, n orma l,
g arde n-va riety <a> ele ment .
We've put a URL in the href. Clicking on the label “Caffeine Buzz”
will retrieve a page from
That's all there is to it. To link to any resource on the Web, all you need is its
Uniform Resource Locator, which goes in the <a> element as the value of the
href attribute. Let's go ahead and add this in the Starbuzz “index.html” page.
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