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Moving in
Congratulations! You've got your hosting company
lined up, you've found a domain name, and you've
got a server all ready for your web pages. (Even
if you don't, keep following along because this is
important stuff.)
Now what? Well, it's time to move in, of course.
So, take that For Sale sign down and gather up all
those files; we're going to get them moved to the
new server. Like any move, the goal is to get things
moved from, say, the kitchen of your old place to
the kitchen of your new place. On the Web, we're
just worried about getting things from your own root
folder to the root folder on the web server. Let's get
back to Starbuzz and step through how we do this.
Here's what things look like now:
H ere's the root fold er
f or St arbu zz.
Re membe r your
St arbuz z page s? Th ere
ar e two: the m ain pa ge
(in ml) a nd the
pa ge tha t con tains
th e miss ion sta temen t
(m ission. html).
ndex h ml
m ss on h ml
s a buzz
Your com put er, w here the
Sta rbuz z pa ges curr ently live
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