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do m ai n
HELLO, my name is…
Even if you've never heard of a domain name , you've seen and used a
zillion of them; you know…,,,, and maybe a few you wouldn't want us to mention.
So what is a domain name? Just a unique name that is used to locate
your site. Here's an example:
T his par t is the domain n ame.
This part is the
name of a specific
server IN the
After years of
struggling, we finally
have our very own
domain name.
There are a couple of reasons you should care about domain
names. If you want a unique name for your site, you're going to
need your own domain name. Domain names are also used to link
your pages to other websites (we'll get to that in a few pages).
There is one other thing you should know. Domain names are
controlled by a centralized authority (ICANN) to make sure that
only one person at a time uses a domain name. Also (you knew it
was coming), you pay a small annual registration fee to keep your
domain name.
How can you get a domain name?
The easy answer is to let your hosting company worry about it.
They'll often throw in your domain name registration with one of
their package deals. However, there are hundreds of companies
that would be glad to help—you can find a list of them at:
As with finding a hosting company, we're afraid we'll have to leave
you to find and register your own domain name. You'll probably
find that going through your hosting company is the easiest way to
get that done.
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