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Finding a hosting company
To get your pages on the Web, you need a server that
actually lives on the Web full-time . Your best bet is to find
a hosting company and let them worry about the details
of keeping a server running. No worries, though; finding a
hosting company is fairly straightforward and inexpensive.
Which company? Well, we'd love to sign you up for web
hosting at Head First Hip Web Hosting, Inc., but that
doesn't really exist. So, you're going to have to do a little
homework on your own. While finding a company to host
your pages isn't difficult, it's kind of like choosing a cable
TV company: there are lots of options and plans. You really
have to shop around for the best deals and for the service
that works for you.
The good news is that you should be able to get started for
almost nothing out of your pocket, and you can always
upgrade later if you need additional features. While we
can't suggest a particular provider, we can tell you a few
things to look for in a provider, and we also list a few of the
more popular providers at:
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