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Remember me from
way back in Chapter 1? You
were going to get the Starbuzz
website online so our customers
could actually see it.
Getting Starbuzz (or yourself)
onto the Web
You're closer to getting Starbuzz—or even better, your own site—
on the Web than you might think. All you need to do is find a
“web hosting company” (we'll call this a “hosting company” from
now on) to host your pages on their servers, and then copy your
pages from your computer to one of those servers.
Of course it helps to understand how your local folders are going
to “map” to the server's folders, and once you put your pages
on the server, how you point a browser to them. But we'll get to
all that. For now, let's talk about getting you on the Web. Here's
what you're going to need to do:
Find yourself an hosting company.
Choose a name for your site (like
Find a way to get your files from your
computer to a server at the hosting
company (there are a few ways).
Point your friends, family, and fans
to your new site and let the fun
We're going to take you through each of these steps, and even
if you're not going to set up a website online right now, follow
along because you'll learn some important things you'll need
to know later. So, get ready for a quick detour from HTML…
A Web Detour
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