HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
4 getting connected
A Trip to Webville
We're going
to Webville! We're
leaving our dusty ol' local
filesystem behind for good.
Web pages are a dish best served on the Internet.
So far you've only created HTML pages that live on your own
computer. You've also only linked to pages that are on your own
computer. We're about to change all that. In this chapter we'll
encourage you to get those web pages on the Internet where all
your friends, fans, and customers can actually see them. We'll also
reveal the mysteries of linking to other pages by cracking the code
of the h, t, t, p, :, /, /, w, w, w. So, gather your belongings; our next
stop is Webville.
WARNING: once you get to Webville, you may never come back.
Send us a postcard.
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