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Here's another list from Tony's journal: cell phone, iPod, digital
camera, and a protein bar. You'll find it in his June 2 entry. This is an
unordered list of items.
Make these changes in your “journal.html” file, too. Does it look like
you expected?
<h2> June 2, 2012 </h2>
<img src="segway1.jpg">
My first day of the trip! I can't believe I finally got
everything packed and ready to go. Because I'm on a Segway,
I wasn't able to bring a whole lot with me:
<li> cell phone </li>
<li> iPod </li>
<li> digital camera </li>
<li> and a protein bar </li>
Just the essentials. As
Lao Tzu would have said, <q> A journey of a
thousand miles begins with one Segway. </q>
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